Author Richard Platt has had more than 90 books published, many of them on maritime themes. He has written widely about pirates, men-of-war, shipwrecks and smugglers. He worked as a costume consultant for two of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. His website on British smuggling is the most popular on this topic, and he regularly appears on TV and radio to talk about the “free-traders’ of Kent and Sussex.

Richard’s maritime writing for children has won prizes. Pirate Diary (Walker Books) has been his most successful so far, picking up a BBC Blue Peter award for the “best book with facts” and a Smarties Silver prize. (Artist Chris Riddell also won a Kate Greenaway award for the illustrations.) Richard’s text for the A Sailor’s Life For Me helped to win the website a recommendation from the US children’s media evaluation foundation Parent’s Choice  in June this year: this follows a 2011 Bronze Muse Award for the site from the American Association of Museums.

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You can see Richard’s personal website by clicking here, and his smuggling website is here.

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